Oriana (II), Queen Mary 2 & Crown Princess (II)
Queen Mary 2 was in her rightful home on the 3rd June 2011 when she docked in QEII Terminal instead of bum out of the naughty corner - yay!!!!!  Crown Princess took the honour of being in there, facing out which is always nice.  Meanwhile in Mayflower was the wounded Oriana, dented after kissing the dock in Kristiansand two days before.  Now I know why her portside docking was changed to starboard!  From the photo on the internet it looked on par with Queen Victoria's massive crumple but the reality was a slight ding akin to Mary.  But then Oriana has a tougher hull than the Cunard Vista.
Mary and Oriana were listed to sail at 4.30pm with Crown half an hour later.  Yeah right!  Mary did muster at 4pm so wasn't going anywhere for a while, Crown was put back to 5.30pm while the car carrier Liberty was two hours late at 5pm (probably due to the wind). Despite the wind there were a lot of people around including someone who asked her companion of that was the Queen Mary 2!  Svitzer Sarah went to assist Oriana, who was finally moving away about fifteen minutes late.  The last of Mary's ropes went at 5.07pm and as she moved away from the dock gave three loud blasts.  When Oriana neared Crown they blasted to each other but the wind was so strong we could barely hear it.  Unfortunately, due to talking to some people who'd never cruised before, I missed getting a close up of Oriana's dent - damn!!!!!  Once the car carrier had gone, Crown shifted her Princess backside around 5.50pm, blasting as she did so.

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© Patricia Dempsey 3rd June 2011
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