THV Patricia (III) & MSC Opera
MSC Opera returned from being repaired on a mild, sunny morning on the 25th May 2011, having left Gdynia two days earlier.  Originally scheduled to arrive (according to the AIS) for 1pm, it was subsequently brought forward to 9am and then 8.30am.  She was going a fair lick past Dover so I thought she'd be here by 6am only she slowed the faffed about off Selsey for several hours until picking up the pilot at six.  Already in 104 was Patricia, the Trinity House flagship which had arrived the afternoon before and rich man's plaything, Titan, hiding at 49 berth until the 27th when she'd head off to anchorage off the Isle of Wight.
She is listed to sail as scheduled on her second cruise from Southampton on the 27th May.  Meanwhile Patricia left at 4.30pm.

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© Patricia Dempsey 25th May 2011
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