Oceana (II), Independence of the Seas & Grand Princess
As I was on Grand Princess for the first taster cruise out of Southampton, it was left to my dad to be on solo marina duty.  The weather was hit and miss and quite windy as he fought the elements and annoying gits standing right in his way, glaring at him when he pointed out he was videoing and still not shifting.  While Grand's cruises have ALL been a 4pm departure, this one was an hour later and, being the wrong way round, was doubly frustrating since Oceana now left at 4pm with Indy half an hour later.  Oceana left about ten minutes late while Indy got out before a horrible car carrier called CMA CGM Hydra passed.  It blocked all light on Grand!  Then, slightly early, it was Grand's turn, who had to turn around and be miles behind the other two.  He did manage to get me in the dolphin's gob, but not that difficult since I was the only one there!  I was occuplied photographing those two sods ahead of us.
The review of my cruise can be found here.

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