Boudicca, Saga Pearl II & Artemis
An unusual sight on the 4th January 2011.  The gorgeous Bouddica was in Ocean Terminal *gasp*!  She had sailed from Liverpool on the 21st December and, due to a refit, would now end the cruise at her old stamping ground.  Artemis was in Mayflower waiting to undertake her final half-world cruise under the P&O flag while Saga Pearl II was taking up City.  Bouddy was due to leave at noon for Hamburg so me and my dad caught the 11.10am ferry for pics.  It was very cold and also hazy too for some reason.
As we passed Dock Head, we had a stalker - Lady Madeleine!!!!  She was heading up to the container terminal for a boxboat, which made a change from being followed BY one!
We had a bite to eat then waited.  Since her lifeboat was still attached to the dock, I checked the movements and saw she was now 1.30pm.  Sod that for a laugh!  The lifeboat was towed somewhere (Saxon Wharf?) then we caught the 12.30pm ferry back after having a brief chat with Claire.
In the end she sailed at 3.30pm.  It had been changed to 3pm but she was late and then had to stop while the lifeboat was raised.  Saga Pearl II sailed just after 5pm with Artemis fifteen minutes early at 5.45pm, passing a firework display on the dock at 104, where the new terminal will be.

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© Patricia Dempsey 4th January 2011
Not to be reproduced without permission