Balmoral & Queen Mary 2
Another friend to wave off on the 24th June 2011 when Gabriele Goldbeck boarded Mary for a transatlantic.  When she gets to New York, she will hand over to Tee.  If I had gone on my original Fjords cruise, I would have got back today but was glad I hadn't beacause the week flew by.  Balmoral was also in and they were due to sail at 4.30pm.  The weather had been awful for weeks, wind and rain, so I hoped it behaved today.  Thanks to a stupid computer problem at Bath Travel when I went to collect Juanita's currency, I just made it at the marina as Balmoral moved away from the berth.  As she was turning nicely, the fat one decided to move too, meaning Balmoral had to hang around waiting.  Balmoral was silent but Mary gave one long blast and then lost her voice.  As we watched people arrived and gave us the laugh of the day.  According to two separate people, these are Braemar and QE2 you know!  Now Braemar I could understand getting confused with since there is a slight similarity with Balmoral, but Lizzie, who's been suffering in the Dubai heat since November 2008?????
And so for the bus and thankfully it only started to rain on the way home, with a light drizzle.

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© Patricia Dempsey 24th June 2011
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