Crown Princess (II), Amadea & Adonia (II)
A crack of yawn start on the 16th August 2011 to get the arrivals of Amadea (7.30am) and Adonia (8am).  Crown Princess was the usual 5am early bird.  I'd actually forgotten it was Tuesday, having set the alarm for Wednesday, so ended up having a later night that I meant to.  My back was hurting a lot from the strains of the previous two days and the prescribed painkiller I'd taken after midnight had no effect whatsoever.  The trip on Aurora a month earlier had definitely made it worse.  So an early morning agonising walk to Shore Road just as it was getting light about 5.20am.  I'd got Amadea on each previous call since her debut in 2006 so couldn't miss this, especially since I would miss December's.
Things were dropping onto us from the tree, dogs were being walked (one jumped up, putting his muddy paws on my brand new Aurora T-shirt and the owner never even apologised!) and there was plenty of cloud cover so the sun wouldn't be in our eyes for once!  I spotted Amadea coming around the Hook.  She had come from the usual direction of the Leaning Tower of Nab while Adonia was up her bum, having slipped in via the Needles.

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© Patricia Dempsey 16th August 2011
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