Azura, Queen Elizabeth (II) & Albatros (II)
Early start on the 2nd September 2011 when Albatros was making a return to the port, her first time in July 2007.  The timings originally were Azura & Betty for the usual 6.30am while Albatros was half an hour later.  Well Azura stayed the same, Betty was 6.45pm while Albatros was changed to 8.45pm, probably due to leaving Falmouth at 8.30pm instead of 7pm the night before.  Oh well.  At least that saved a walk down in the dark with it barlely light when Azura approached Hythe and my back was extremely grateful!  I got her not too well at 5.45pm with Betty half an hour later, in thankfully more light.
The 7.15am bus beckoned then a stroll to the front.  This worked out slightly better because Phoenix Reisen used to be 9am arrivals and I had an emergency dental appointment at 10am.  It was very hazy, like spring, and a bit chilly but soon warmed up as the sun occasionally peeked through the clouds.  The haze made it difficult to see Albatros until she was well clear of the refinery.
Since she docked twenty minutes earlier than scheduled, it buggered up my timings to get to the dentist so we sat and waited in the lovely warm until about 9am.  Pity visibility didn't improve.  Betty and Azura left late, Betty went to swing before 6.30pm while Azura dropped her lines not long afterwards.  Albatros was 9pm.

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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd September 2011
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