Adonia (II) & Arcadia (IV)
A first in Southampton on the 29th October 2011, when Adonia finally met Arcadia.  Arcadia had been on a cruise to Alaska when Adonia arrived.  Ray Allott and his wife were on Arcadia for a trip to the Caribbean - lovely!  I'd be seeing Arcadia again in Madeira when I arrived on the Queen Mary 2 the same day, despite leaving a day later.  We were puzzled as to why they had three sea days to our two.  Oh well.  Last one there's a cruise ship!  She was due to go at 4.30pm while Adonia was 4pm and had to turn.  She was repositioning to undertake a few fly cruises around the Med before returning in January.  We got there after 4pm and there was no movement.  Arcadia was still guzzling from Whitonia so her time had been put back to 5pm.  More than twenty minutes late, Adonia moved, parping as she went up to turn.  It was becoming cold and gloomy.  She blasted as she neared Arcadia to silence until she was in range for target practice then Arcadia piped up.
Seven minutes late, Arcadia began to single up as Whitonia backed out of the naughty corner.  A few minutes later, she was free and ready to sail to Madeira!  She gave three blasts and two burps while Whitonia held position, following her down.

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© Patricia Dempsey 29th October 2011
Not to be reproduced without permission