Queen Mary 2 & The World
An early start on the 26th July 2010.  The World was making a return visit after her maiden call in 2004.  She was coming up from Guernsey, which is just a hop and a jump away so would be arriving via the Needles for 7am and docking starboard in 101.  The gorgeous Mary was also coming in for half an hour before and in 46.  We booked a taxi for 5.45am but it was Gary and he came a little early.  As we turned to drive to the front, Mary was looming behind the pier.
The World was spotting coming around Fawley just before 7.10am while Lady Madeleine continued towards Elektra, a Wallenius Wilhelmsen car carrier, which made our visitor slow off Netley as it neared Dock Head, stopped, turned and backed into 34/5.  As The World neared the pier, a car pulled up with four people in who took a few photos then left.
We went to Martin's then waited for the bus.  Mary left at 4.45pm while The World sailed just before midnight for a few days in Dartmouth.  To see captures of The World's previous visit, click here.  Or in Madeira, click here.  

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© Patricia Dempsey 26th July 2010
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