Silver Spirit, Ventura & Grand Princess
The foul day weather-wise on the 8th May 2010.  Silver Spirit, who had arrived the day before, was due to leave at 5pm with Grand Princess annoyingly starboard in Mayflower at 4pm and Ventura in Ocean at 4.30pm.  I had intended to go but with a combination of the wind and rain (I can deal with one but not both) and a constant pain in my side I've had for weeks, I opted to stay at home.  I'd overdone it the day before twisting and turning, making it worse.  My only regret was not getting Spirit, since it was her maiden call.  But she was scheduled to return in 2011 so I'd do it then.  Well things didn't go to plan.  Ventura moved just before 5pm, as did the Princess, while Spirit left on time and came through first ten minutes later.
Ventura appeared at 4.25pm, looking ever the Princess.  I really wish they'd do something about the damn bikini wax funnel, either cover it all in that or remove it.
Finally, just before 6pm, the original Grand class put in an appearance as she rounded the roof.  If we had gone down, there's no way we'd have waited.
That was those three gone and I went back to bed to rest my side.  It's a shame about this awful wintry weather, despite the blossoms and blooms of springtime.  Hopefully things will improve.  To see photos of Silver Spirit arriving the day before then Celebrity Eclipse sailing past her, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 8th May 2010
Not to be reproduced without permission