An unintentional visitor on the 19th August 2010 thanks to a change of schedule from London.  Oceania Cruises' Regatta made a long-awaited return to the port after more than five years.  She arrived for 5.30pm and some numpty decided to have her docked in Mayflower and starboard.  Grrr!  Why not City or QEII since they weren't being used?  Because she was sailing at 6pm, it meant it would take twice as long for her to leave.  With my mum's cancer taking hold meaning she couldn't be left for too long and my own pain I was STILL awaiting a surgery date for, we took a chance and hoped everything would be okay.  Taking a taxi was the first step, although the driver went the long way meaning it cost and extra pound.  Just over a dozen people, including me and my dad, were there.  She left bang on time and headed towards the Upper Swinging Ground, soon to be hidden by Anvil Point.  At least it wasn't raining, as the Met Office forecast had said.  Pretty windy though with the sun in our eyes.  Sadly she didn't blast one.  Meanie!
So we went home and thankful, in that wind, it hadn't rained.  I hadn't expected to see both Custard Twins, the former Fastcat Ryde (now Repparee) and Fastcat Shanklin.  They'd been sold to Severnlink in January for service there but it hadn't happened so are laid up until 2011.  Thanks to Pam for the names and info!  To see Video of Regatta's previous visit in May 2005, click here.  I hope Oceania bring their ships back again sometime.  It's lovely to see them.   

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© Patricia Dempsey 19th August 2010
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