Queen Mary 2
Something unheard of happened on the 6th May 2010.  Queen Mary 2, that great, gorgeous Cunarder, was docked facing outwards in Ocean Terminal!  Normally her big bum flashes at the world.  They've had others starboard since Oceana first used it on the 9th May 2009, but this was a first for the mega lady!  Because of this feat, we decided to go down for her sailing, catching the gorgeous Hotspur across to Town Quay for pics first.

Another unusual thing happened.  Perhaps because of the wind, we don't know, but we practically hugged the dock along the QEII Terminal during the crossing which created some wonderful shots.

We got off for pics of her from Town Quay.  Because the Hythe ferry pontoon STILL hasn't been repaired by the same group of people obsessed with building a pointless container terminal on Dibden Bay, they're using the Red Funnel jetty for the Red Jets.  Since Hotspur is an old lady, she can't use the same part if it.  So it was rare to get two Southampton girls docked so close to each other.
After a bite to eat in the cafe, we caught the 4pm ferry back which went wider out, giving us some slightly different shots.  We noticed the Royal Mail pennant wasn't flying, so no surpriselast November had been the first time I'd ever seen it.  A bloke behind me seemed to be under the impression Mary being there was a rarity and they all still use QEII.  Where's he been the past year?????
We slowed to let a vile beast monster called Aristote go by.  This was registered in Nassau and you could see its previous name of Turbulance and Rochester registry painted over in green on the stern.
As we were pulling up to the pier, we asked Darren about Great Expectations and when it'd be back.  "How long's a piece of string?" he replied.  He indicated another bloke who told us they had found more problems but Hotspur should still be running at the end of the month - hooray!  We sat on the pier, only one bloke at the other end of the station, and saw cloud formation was like two beasts about to fight.

The weather, while quite mild but very windy, was getting weirder.  On the one side it was gloomy while on the other it was sun and three-tone sea colour!

Still us and the one bloke by the station on the pier by the time Mary finally moved her backside nine minutes late and gave three throatly blasts.

Hotspur was having trouble docking in the wind and as I watched her, Mary gave some more blasts.  She was certainly clearing her throat today!

As she passed the QEII Terminal there was a very strange noise eminating from somewhere.  It was her!  Blasting and sort of croaking for ages.  Definitely got a cold, poor thing.

A pity really the weather couldn't have been like this earlier in the afternoon.  Mary headed off to Hamburg and would be one of four beauties upon her return on the 15th while we went home.

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© Patricia Dempsey 6th May 2010
Not to be reproduced without permission