Queen Mary 2
On the 28th May 2010, my American friends Howard and Patty had flown over from New Jersey to go on Mary for the four night cruise to Zeebrugge, Rotterdam and Cherbourg.  I hadn't seen them since the 2nd July 2008 when we all watched Lizzie sail from the Hythe pier after meeting during a Geiranger excursion on that particular trip.  I'd caught up with them the day before and showed them around my side of the water.  Mary was listed as starboard, port, starboard.  I had hoped for port then it wouldn't be the same as the 6th.  It was starboard and as they'd been upgraded, I wouldn't now be able to see them on the balcony as they sailed.  We decided to go across to Town Quay for some slightly different shots to earlier in the month.  On the ferry again was Phil from South Africa.  Until the day before when he was also working, I thought was another who had left since I hadn't seen him for months.  Nice to see a friendly face among so many new ones.
As we waited there was a woman with two kids talking on the phone to her husband who was onboard with his parents.  They were having trouble seeing anyone on Town Quay so we told her to tell him to look to the left of the red ferry when it returned.  Mary began to single up seven minutes late then threw the rest at 4.45pm, blasting after moving away from the dock.
We caught the 5.30pm ferry back and I was talking to Phil so very nearly forgot to get Mary up ahead as she sailed towards the Solent.

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© Patricia Dempsey 28th May 2010
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