Celebrity Eclipse, Queen Mary 2 & THV Patricia
As I was on Arcadia until the following day, it was my dad's turn to stalk.  My American friend Howard had returned on Mary on the 1st June and had asked my dad if he'd like to stalk with him.  In were supposed to be Celebrity Eclipse, Mary and Saga Ruby only Ruby was changed to Dover.  However we did get an unexpected little bonus in the Trinity House Vessel Patricia, making an overnight in 105.  Mary was the usual 4.30pm, Eclipse fifteen minutes later and Patricia would arrive for 6pm.  Brilliant!  Shame I missed it.  Mary had docked port on arrival which made Howard think of what I'd said before he went.  It was raining with a moderate wind as my dad made his way on the ferry across to meet Howard at Town Quay.  Due to juggling camera, camcorder and umbrella, I have left the photos exactly as he took them instead of straightening.
Eclipse surprisingly left first and, despite the weather, there were several people out to see either the ships or people they knew off.
As Eclipse was passing, Mary threw her ropes and began to slowly reverse as the heavens opened heavily once again.
Howard just adored Patricia, reminding him of St. Helena.  Howard returned to the Holiday Inn for dinner with Patty while my dad caught the ferry back after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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