Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth (II)
A first on a freezing 1st December 2010.  Due to an itinerary change, Queen Victoria would be in Southampton two weeks early because she was going to refit in Hamburg instead of doing the cruise from the Med home.  Her Vista sister, Queen Elizabeth was already scheduled to be in.  We were having a cold snap while some snow had fallen.  This was the first stalking I would do since my mum died six days before and was a welcome distraction.  QV was supposed to sail at noon while QE was the usual 4.30pm.  I was picked up by Steve Read and we went down to the marina.
After he went for petrol, we returned then waited and waited and waited.  The departure time had changed to 1pm and dopey me forgot my phone but he had internet access so looked it up.  He filmed a little piece as we waited, me holding his camera and boy did that biting wind suddenly whip up!  It had been fairly mild until then and moments before I had assured him it wasn't frostbite weather!  QV singled up around 1.15pm and moved off shortly afterwards to turn.  I took one photo as she moved away from the berth then got back in the car to keep warm until she emerged.  It had definitely turned into frostbite weather!  When she neared QE they began to blast to each other.
It was far too cold to continue, the wind making it feel much colder than the 1C it actually was and I was already shivering with numb fingers.  Yes I could sense my fifth bout of mild frostbite in two years and second in two days!  Back in the car with heated seats so at least my bum could defrost then home.  QE's departure was delayed due to passengers stuck on a train from London.  She left at 7pm.  To see photos of their next meeting when QV returned on the 14th December, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 1st December 2010
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