Black Watch (III) & Norwegian Epic UK Debut
NCL's turn to play with the big boys didn't get off to a very good start.  Due to mechanical problems causing slower speed, the brand new Norwegian Epic left Rotterdam on the 21st June 2010 at 4.30pm, thirty minutes late, and the original 10am arriving in Southampton the following day was changed to 5.30pm.  No one had told the port by mid-afternoon on the Monday.  I was onboard updating my dad, friends, Twitter and Facebook and we'd known several hours by the time he called VTS.  We averaged 13 knots, hitting 15 as we rounded Selsey and our arrival was now 2.15pm on VTS but onboard we were told 3pm.  Black Watch was already in, due to sail at 4.30pm.  Epic WAS due to sail on a jolly at 6pm but that was cancelled while they tried to fix the propeller.  Maddie attached herself to the stern as we were at Cowes and later Sarah escorted along our side.  Blasting at Calshot which was good but none at Hythe.  My dad was on the pier with Andrew Sassoli-Walker, his son and dad, Gillian Moy and a couple of Americans doing the transatlantic on the 24th.
Epic blasted as she neared Town Quay.  She has an interesting and very loud horn and I expect it's something when you're right in front of it.
Once we were docked, my dad went over to Mayflower Park as we'd originally planned when we were arriving at 10am.  I texted, asking him to meet me at Dock Gate 8 to help with my case because my side was hurting a lot after a reasonable couple of days on the Rotterdam (V) before this cruise.  As he meandered there, he took a few shots of this latest floating goliath.
So she was finally here.  But her jolly/sea trials would now be 1pm the following day.  For a while they removed her completely for the following Thursday (movements and cruise schedule) but it was back on the 23rd.  To see photos of her sailing on that, click here.  To see photos of her in Rotterdam on the 19th June, click here.  To read the review of my cruise, click here.

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