Norwegian Epic Departure
So here we were - the moment of truth with the problematic Norwegian Epic.  Would she sail on her transatlantic on the 24th June 2010 or still have propeller trouble or something else?  Well after her jolly/speed trials she did get up to 19 knots but coming back in.  She also was assisted from Cowes to the berth by Lady Madeleine, just as we had two days before.  She was originally due to sail 4pm until all this then it was changed to 6pm and eventually 5pm.  I went on my own to Mayflower Park for her departure since it was something different, catching the 3.40pm ferry over and chatting to some people during the ride who told me that Metro was calling it Titanic!  I'd nicknamed it Eptanic so that made me laugh.  They were originally going to catch the train home but decided to watch her sail so I led the way.  My dad had to stay at home and wait for my mum to return from her day out at Oakhaven hospice day care.  It was quite packed already in the Park but the flags were still on Epic (usually down about an hour before sailing) and they did muster at 4.30pm as well as taking the flags down.  Some people I spoke to asked what it was like but then, because one had done Arcadia and the other Norwegian
, acted like they knew all about it!  The one who did Jewel would argue over the slightest thing while the other insisted NCL had a band on the quayside because there was one last week and musicians on cruise ships deserve ridiculous salaries over those crew who WORK for peanuts just because her son went to music school.  Thankfully there was another lady who actually knew what she was talking about because she'd worked on ships and in the port, currently being on Indy.  The BBC turned up but for some rea
son no footage made broadcast.
Finally, five minutes late, she began to single up but it took ten minutes before all the ropes went.  Then she blasted as she edged away from the dock, propellers kicking up water but no tug - yay!
She gave three long blasts as she moved forward in the lane.  I noticed the forward Sun Deck had people, as well as the Villas.  Shame we couldn't get up there during my cruise.
The crowd began to disperse and Rory from Facebook found me.  He said he'd seen me but I was busy in the corner.  No kidding!  Hard doing video and photos when it's a HDD camcorder.  Now I know the problems my dad has with the sun hits the screen.  Why can't they make these electrical things (including cameras) waterproof and non-reflective?
I said goodbye to Rory then went to catch the 6pm ferry home.  Epic was still in sight and nearing Calshot.  The view was so clear it made for perfect shots.
Then I caught the bus and went home to cool off.  Such gloriously hot weather we'd had since Monday.  To see photos of Epic arriving in Southampton, click here.  The review of my cruise as well as all the trials and tribulations can be found here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 24th June 2010
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