MSC Poesia Southampton Debut
A new ship of sorts called on the 7th September 2010.  MSC Poesia, the third in the Musica class made her maiden visit.  At 92.400grt, she was named in Dover in July 2008 by Sophia Loren in a glittering ceremony but Southampton now have MSC's cruise business, with Opera relocating in 2011.  MSC's itinerary listed her for 10am arrival with 8pm departure for her repositioning cruise to New York.  We had her at 9.30am portside in City Terminal.  She picked up the pilot just before 7.30am while VTS added ten minutes to the arrival time.  I was solo stalking and it was very lonely.  I know know how my dad feels without me.  I caught the 8.15am bus and sat on the wall when at the marina since it was the only part which was dry!  At 8.40am she began to emerge at Calshot.  It was gloriously hot despite rain forecast, with a gentle breeze.  Quite a contrast to Europa the day before!  The marina was empty apart from a bloke in a car with a baby and some joggers/dog walkers.  Oh and an annoying git in a luminous yellow jacket on a bike who kept getting in my way!  As she neared Netley, I had to remember not to call home, since my mum was now bedridden after a series of mild strokes and unable to get to the window to see the ships.
Surprisingly she was in for 9.30am after all!  It's just a shame the damn boat show has begun setting up.  It's frustrating for ship nuts when they block Mayflower Park off.  But lovely to see MSC ships here after so long.  Poesia is scheduled to return in 2011 while Opera is doing a season of cruises.and I hope we see more in future.  I need to build up my collection!  By now it had become chilly again so I headed for the bus and home.  To see photos of her youngest sister, MSC Magnifica, who called in February for a preview, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th September 2010
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