Independence of the Seas, Balmoral & Aurora
I was returning from my short cruise on Aurora on the 29th November 2010 and knew there would be two ships with us.  Independence of the Seas, originally due for the usual 5.15am, arrived for 6am while Balmoral's time kept changing, the last being 6am but she was then 7am.  We were 7.30am.  Balmoral was running slightly late when I saw her at the Brambles as I braved the sub-zero temperatures while we passed Cowes.  The wind was very strong making it bitterly cold and difficult to hold the camera.  Sport setting ended up being used again though most still came out blurred.  I headed inside for the two at Calshot before going back out as we reached Hythe.  We docked for our time yet Balmoral was entering the Upper Swinging Ground before docking at Mayflower Terminal as we pulled alongside Ocean Terminal.
As I waited for a taxi in the freezing cold after early disembarkation I got a couple of quick snaps of Aurora and Indy in their respective berths.  The sun was just rising so it was nice.
Balmoral cast off first in the afternoon once some remaining passengers arrived followed by Aurora then Indy.  To read the review of the cruise, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 29th November 2010
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