Black Watch (III) & Queen Victoria
On the 20th December 2010, I was coming back on a semi-snow covered Black Watch and going around the ship to take photos before we docked back in Southampton.  I had a quick peek out on the Lido Deck and saw Queen Victoria along our starboard side!  She had been ahead of us until around Ryde when we overtook, since we had farther to go and were both docking at 7am.  After getting her passing Ryde and passing Cowes, I went to the stern.  One of the crew asked what ship it was and when I told him, wanted to know if she would be in port with us.
As we turned to dock in City, our vibration became worse so I was unable to get any decent photos of QV doing likewise and backing into Ocean.  The batteries also died and with my frozen fingers it took twice as long to change them.
And so I went home by taxi to more snow before the rain came and washed most away.  Both ships left late, QV waiting for passengers.  To read the review of the Black Watch cruise, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th December 2010
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