Artemis & Arcadia (IV)
A gorgeous day after a lousy end of week on the 30th May 2010.  Arcadia and Artemis were both in and due to sail at the same 4.30pm.  I was on Arcadia so my dad went down to see us off.  He met up with my friend Julie and her husband Steve who were down with their dog.
Artemis cast off first and blasted as she moved forward then Arcadia gave three to indicate reversing and pulled away.
Rowan and I were on our stern balcony (one of the originals before the addition in December 2008) waving to friends in a boat which zipped behind to go to Artemis.  Since I was wearing red, there was no chance my dad could miss me.  Or at least I hoped not!
So that was that.  Steve and Julie went home as did my dad.  A review of my Arcadia cruise can be found here.  But you can also see photos of Artemis right up to Dover as well as Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria in the same area later that night here.

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© Kevin Dempsey 30th May & Patricia Dempsey 4th June 2010
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