Voyager of the Seas
Voyager of the Seas returned from refit at 2am on the 13th May 2009 and was due to sail at 4.45pm to Barcelona.  We decided to take a ferry trip in the hope she would be on time, even though not even Independence is and she's a regular!  The weather was horrible but at least dry.  As I was walking down the pier and on the phone to Patrick on Jewel in sunny Lisbon, Voyager gave two parps, which may or may not have been anything to do with muster.  We hoped it was.  Either that or she was talking to her baby sister down there.
As we sat on the pier to wait, a cormorant suddenly emerged from under the water brandishing a fish in its beak.  It gobbled dinner pretty fast before going for seconds.
The new Ocean Terminal had entered the passenger handling business on the 9th May.  £19 million for a shed looking worse than QEII.  I expect it's better inside though.  The tugs, Lady Madeleine and Bentley had a new home the other side of it.  Kicked out of the kennel!
Well we'd got the wrong one and as we began to head back to Hythe at 5pm, she was moving.  Grrr!  Just once it would be nice if these buggers kept to schedule!
The Red Jet was the first problem causer as it zoomed back to Royal Pier, making us rock and roll with the best of them.  Thank goodness we were on a proper boat.
A certain floating banana made taking photos very difficult as it kept level with us most of the journey, creating one hell of a wash.  I had to take a picture of the offending object as it rather too slowly passed us!
We got off the ferry as fast as we could then went to find a good spot on the pier.  There were a few people there with cameras but it was basically empty.
So that was her off and thank goodness, despite the miserable skies, it didn't rain.  Marycarmen de la Pena, who worked in Club Ocean on Vision when I was on the previous week, joined to have a holiday with her boyfriend, who works on the ship.  I hope she managed to get from Heathrow to London okay two days earlier then down to the ship and will have a wonderful time!  It's not easy when someone you love works on these things and you don't see them months at a time.  For photos of her sailing to refit on the 3rd May, click here.

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