Queen Mary 2, Independence of the Seas & Aurora
We decided to go for Mary, Indy and Aurora on the 26th September 2009 even though we already had Mary in that dock and Indy earlier in the year.  Mary was in Ocean, Indy in City and Aurora had returned starboard in Mayflower.  Town Quay beckoned for this one but not the end, just past the Red Jet terminal.  It's a nightmare trying to get things from both ends when they're moving at the same time and this would be a different angle.  Mary and Aurora were listed to sail at 4.30pm with Indy fifteen minutes later.

Andy was on duty until 6pm handing out change for the ticket machine.  One woman wanted to pay by debit card and the idea of proper money horrified her!  He told me off for taking this but it perfectly illustrates the fantastic view any of them have while working that side.

It was a gorgeous day and certainly warmed up as we waited.  One of Mary's tenders came tootling out of the dock and waited.  Meanwhile Aurora made her way towards the turning circle a couple of minutes late.  Shortly afterwards, Mary gave three normal blasts then another three short to signify reversing.

Meanwhile at the other end Aurora was out of the turning circle and waiting for Indy, who had silently moved away from the dock.  Several minutes later the view was typically blocked by Red Falcon - ARGH!!!  Those bloody Red Funnel ferries pick their moments!

She gave another three blasts as she sailed away.  But how long would Indy be?  Not being able to see through ferries we couldn't tell how close she was.  Thankfully she wasn't that far behind but hadn't blasted as far as we could tell.  Certainly didn't hear anything.

And along came the final beauty.  I like it when they're consecutive and FAST.  It can get very boring waiting and waiting and waiting.  And we could still see Mary which was great.  Pity I couldn't get a decent three shot.

As my gorgeous Aurora was passing Dock Head something really annoying happened.  The ugly rustbucket car carrier Caribbean Highway, which was docked in the QEII terminal, was pulled out and ruined the view!!

To make the ruination of photos complete the banana just HAD to come along and get in on the act!  Two ferries, one moving car carrier as well as the Gruesome Twosome.  Grrr!

We said goodbye to Andy and caught the 5.30pm ferry home, passing the Lord Nelson.  The photographic hindrance was still being a pain when the ships came back into view as they passed Fawley and Calshot.

I was glad everything was over in time to catch that ferry so they were still in view.  Usually we end up missing the one we want to get.

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© Patricia Dempsey 26th September 2009
Not to be reproduced without permission