Saga Ruby
On the 10th December 2009, three days after we said farewell to the gorgeous Saga Rose, her sister Ruby returned from her refit in Hamburg.  The provisional departure for Rosie had been the 13th, meaning she would have still been here for a final meeting between the sisters.  So it was with a heavy heart we went down to the marina to await Ruby.  She was due for 10am on what was a mild day and a vast improvement on the rain and gales of the past month.  My knee, which had given out on the 6th, was giving me gyp but I couldn't waste the trip.  I really hate winter sun when I'm trying to walk somewhere or take photos and we just about managed to see her in the haze just after 9am.
As we struggled to photograph and video her with the sun in our eyes, the tug Sussex came away from berth 38 and went to meet her off Netley.  Sussex had been on Rosie's stern when we said goodbye so we hadn't missed the irony, especially as Ruby would be going in the same berth, which Rosie had been the last to use.
She was just a little late but it wasn't too bad.  Since she was almost in we decided to go.  She would be sailing on the 11th on her pre-Christmas cruise.  Still a shame Saga couldn't have held out a few more days so Rosie and Ruby could say goodbye to each other.  I started the year with those two and now there was just one left.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th December 2009
Not to be reproduced without permission