Oriana (II), Oceana (II), Grand Princess & Independence of the Seas
A big day for Southampton on the 9th May 2009.  Not only were there four ships in (YES!!!!), but it was the first departure from the new Ocean Terminal in what we fondly nicknamed the naughty corner after Sea Princess was dumped there for repairs two years before.  The times for forever changing for Grand Princess in QEII, Oriana in Mayflower, Indy in City with Oceana the first to use Ocean as they practised before the official opening on the 29th May.  Also in and ruining shots were the Gruesome Twosome, Tokyo Car and Triumph, double parked for a three month lay-up.  The marina was packed and the weather lovely.  Geoff found us and sat beside me while someone behind was telling someone they knocked down the Ocean Terminal and rebuilt it.  Hardly!

You would think Oceana would have priority but no.  Up the end Oriana had cast off at 4.48pm and was moving at a snail's pace.  Then as we waiting for things to happen with a former Princess, who herself threw her ropes four minutes later, the present one decided to cast off at 4.55pm!

Plenty of blasting from Oceana and Grand Princess.  At least we assume it was both.  They sound similar and there was a lot at the same time.  Oceana backed out very slowly and carefully while Grand just buggered off.  Meanwhile Oriana slowed as her sister ship did her stuff and waited.

As soon as Oriana was out of the way, Indy moved slowly away from the dock and was annoyingly silent.  It would have been great being on her and watching proceedings.

Then it was time to go home after an interesting day, even though they didn't cooperate - as usual!  Makes it part of the fun though, despite the fact it would have been better for Oceana to go first.

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© Patricia Dempsey 9th May 2009
Not to be reproduced without permission