Norwegian Jade & Oriana (II)
Norwegian Jade made her final call after two seasons on the 23rd August 2009.  It's a shame NCL have pulled her out, having her year-round from Barcelona instead just like Gem.  Oriana was also in and it gave me the chance at last to catch up with my friend Neville.  Because he always goes to and from the ship directly by coach, we hadn't seen each other since saying goodbye at Los Angeles airport on the 21st March 2008.  But, thanks to him doing a cruise on Oriana and then the following one, he had a day in Southampton so I went over on the 9.40am ferry.  It was great seeing him again and we had a nice lunch before I had to come back.  Jade was due to sail at 4pm with Oriana half an hour later.  My dad had told me they turned Jade off 101 during her previous sailing while I was away.  Normally we'd go to the marina but because of the raft races making it too crowded, we stayed on the Promenade so I'd miss it again if they did it that day.  Looks like they did because she began appearing over the buildings around 4.15pm.  Bugger!
Oriana gave a couple of blasts to indicate she would be reversing and began to do so.  Of course typically by now things were mostly packed away down the marina but there were a couple of other people near us.

So goodbye to Norwegian Jade.  I do hope they reconsider and bring her back.  There's very little choice ex-UK for NCL cruises.  Only to Scandinavia and Russia from Dover so this was a welcome change from fly/cruising, which I'm not particularly keen on.

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© Patricia Dempsey 23rd August 2009
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