Norwegian Jade & Celebrity Equinox
An unusual occurance happened on the 26th July 2009.  A different ship was using the Ocean Terminal, which is for Carnival UK ships.  Norwegian Jade was the one this time hidden by the Gruesome Twosome and finally it was useful her being starboard all the time.  It looks better when the ships face out than looking at their enormous bums.  She was due to sail at her usual 4pm.  Celebrity Equinox was in City and listed for 5pm.  She had sailed half an hour late on the 23rd July for a two night jolly to Guernsey then 45 minutes late on the 25th for an overnight jolly.  So when would she leave today?  The weather was foul.  Wind and rain though the rain was light drizzle on and off (more on than off).  I just hoped it would stop by sailaway.  Despite my feet still being bad I decided to go over and get some photos.
Not normally taking the ferry on a Sunday I didn't know they had a break between 2.10-2.40pm while they cleaned the thing.  That gave us less time at Mayflower Park.  It was a good day though since it was Andy working today.  He loves ships and is a good laugh.
The yacht Le Grand Bleu was still in 49.  The day before they'd been doing helicopter landing tests.  She's apparently owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovitch but he 'gave' her to his friend who now looks after her.
We got the 4pm ferry back and Jade was moving away from the dock.  She didn't blast despite some hardy souls on her decks.  Andy noted she wasn't moving much and asked if she could go any slower to which I said clearly she can.  We were more than halfway back before she poked her nose out.
We went into the waiting room to keep an eye on Equinox in the dry and reasonable warmth.  Much to our surprise, she went on time!  The rain was slightly heavier, the wind a little stronger so I was still taking photos one-handed which was a pain.  I'm just glad they came out as well as they did considering.  She blasted three times which we could barely hear but it was lovely and deep.
And then my batteries died - ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!  Not the best timing anyway bit worse in this weather.  It's amazing how long it takes to put new in when you're in a hurry.
Then we went to get the bus.  Typically it began to brighten and the sun appeared briefly but it was still raining.  Equinox was due back the next day before having yet another two night jolly.  Her naming ceremony was the 29th then another jolly before the new maiden on the 31st.  Having seen her properly now, I do with they'd given her the chi on both funnels as well as the blue stripe of the other Celebrity ships.  Without it she looks like any Royal Caribbean vessel.  I'm still looking forward to my cruise though.  To see photos of her arriving, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 26th July 2009
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