Celebrity Equinox & Oceana (II)
The 8th August was classed by RCCL as the 'Official maiden' for their new ship, Celebrity Equinox.  The ship had been named on the 19th July and had a 'soft launch' on the 31st to the Fjords when it was brought forward, the date they say she entered service.  She was due to sail at 5pm while Oceana half an hour before.  I was on the ship with my friend Juanita, who had come from Australia, so it was up to my dad to take photos.  At least he was in good company when Geoff found him.
For some reason Oceana didn't move leaving Equinox to go first.  She gave three blasts as she pulled away from the dock for the last time.
I had deliberately chosen to go to the observation area in front of the gym, having seen on the previous two marina trips I'd made for this ship it was virtually empty.  My dad always has trouble finding me so I thought if there was hardly anyone else around, he would find me no problem.  As the ship neared the marina I went starboard and waved like crazy.  I was the only one standing there so he picked me up easily.  He didn't think he had until seeing the photos.
Then he turned his attention to Oceana as she backed out of Ocean Terminal with the aid of a tug.  He was delighted it was a good day after the rain and cold earlier that week.
So it was goodbye to Equinox after being a visitor for twenty days, barring the sailings.  The review of my cruise can be found here which includes more photos of Oceana as she followed us out past Nab tower.

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