Black Prince (II) & Black Watch (III) Say Goodbye AGAIN
A case of deja vu on the 25th October 2009 when Black Watch returned from her week long cruise and was reunited with Black Prince.  The latter wasn't supposed to be here, hence the emotional farewell the Sunday before.  But for some reason she was and still flying the Fred Olsen house flag.  So we decided to go down.  Couldn't not really, despite doing it all a week earlier.  The clocks had gone back an hour at 2am so the light would be fading by the time Black Watch set sail around 4.30pm.
The weather was unpredictable and meant to be sunny all day.  However just about 4pm there was an unexpected squall followed by a couple more.  We even had a rainbow, though it was too weak for the camera to capture it.  Thankfully by the time Black Watch began to move the rain clouds had gone.  Because it was pretty windy, a tug went up and assisted her.  She gave three blasts which took us by surprise then moved off.
Unlike the last time, there was no cheering, no 'Hip, Hip, Hooray', no nothing apart from Black Watch blasting three times quite far away from her fleet mate.  Black Prince replied with three before they did a half-hearted one parp each as Black Watch neared.  It made us glad we'd been last week.
So what was going to happen to Black Prince?  She was supposed to leave for her new role in Venezuela on the 23rd but that was put back to the 26th.  Now her latest movement was the 28th but only to berth 49.  It doesn't look good for her future.  To see photos of these two from the 18th October, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 25th October 2009
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