Arcadia (IV) & Oriana (II)
The 7th August 2009 was a very busy day.  Not in the port of Southampton, but for me!  My friend Neville was sailing off on the first of his back to back Oriana cruises.  Also my friend Juanita was coming down from a few days in London for our cruise on Celebrity Equinox the following day.  Since I was over in town anyway before meeting her at the station, I took a photo of Oriana from the lift in John Lewis.  Arcadia was tucked away in the former naughty corner.
Both ships were down to leave at 4.30pm.  Juanita had train trouble so ended up arriving later than planned so we got off the bus in Hythe and headed straight to the marina, dragging her luggage behind us with trouble.  No sooner had we sat down by the corner instead of our usual place due to her bags, Arcadia blasted.  Meanwhile a coastguard helicopter flew by and we wondered where it was heading.
Oriana finally let rip and began to slowly move away from the dock while Arcadia continued straightening into the lane.  The coastguard helicopter returned and flew back the way it originally came.
Since Juanita has absolutely no interest in ships, I couldn't resist taking a quick snap of her watching them sailing.  She was quick to deny she enjoyed it.
So that was Neville on his way, returning on the 23rd.  Photos of that sailing can be found here.  Meanwhile we all went home and Juanita and I prepared for our own cruise.
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© Patricia Dempsey 7th August 2009
Not to be reproduced without permission