Arcadia (IV), Oriana (II) & Boudicca
It was the turn of Queen Arcadia, the half-breed Cunarder/HAL in the former naughty corner on the 1st June 2009.  She was docked port while for some reason, to date, her Cunard sister Queen Victoria has been docked starboard.  Boudicca and Oriana were also in and all three were due to sail at 4.30pm.  This was the first opportunity I had since the refit to go down and photograph Arcadia's new stern.  The weather was glorious, though clouded over a few times, and we went over on the greatest ferry in the locale!
The new terminal really is in a stupid place.  Beside there not being a lot of land around there, it also makes it hard to see anything from the limited Southampton vantage points of Town Quay and especially Mayflower Park.  Mayflower Park is always the be-all and end-all when events are publicised when it's rubbish due to Town Quay being in the way.  If they fixed the end of the Quay and removed that stupid damn fence, it would be better.  As it is Hythe will continue to be superior in every way!
As we waited for sailing, a car pulled up containing fisherchavs.  Fisherpains are one thing.  Chavs are another.  When you get chavs who like fishing and you're just minding your own business trying to take photos,  it's hell!  There were two doing it while another bloke and woman looked on stuffing their faces.  Their stuff was all over the place.  They just didn't care if they got in the way or if anyone fell over it trying to walk along the path as they uttered obscenties and belching loudly at every opportunity.  We heard the band on the quayside by Arcadia and they were even abusive about that!  It's high time the 'No Fishing' rule was applied.  What's the point of the signs when they turn a blind eye?  If these people want to fish, go on the water and do it!  Anyway Arcadia gave a blast and we thought she was moving but didn't.  Then the band stopped for a long time (it was VERY Cunard with its pomp and circumstance as well as other stuff) and then started again.  Finally she began to move and blasted.  I noticed down the end Oriana was also on the move.  All three were late as usual.  The day they cooperate is the day I pack it in!
Oriana gave the odd blast before going a bit manic while Boudicca also began to move which meant having to go from one side to the other trying to take photos around bloody fishing rods and through the fence.  Although to give one of the fisherchavs his due, when he saw me trying to photograph under his stupid rod, he did lower and raise it.  Would have been better if they'd just buggered off with it all!
It was a day of cursing F's.  Not only did we have to put up with fisherchavs and fences, but also the beautiful Boudicca became Bouddy and the Banana as that Red Funnel ferry stayed just behind her until reaching Hythe when it THEN sped off ahead!
So that was that and it got a little cooler but was still nice.  After a quick drink at the cafe with my friend Richard Leong who had come down to travel around the area a bit before moving on to Portsmouth, we caught the 6pm ferry back.  We were glad we hadn't taken the risk of doing the ferry run since she passed all ships the usual starboard.

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© Patricia Dempsey 1st June 2009
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