Black Watch (III), Arcadia (IV) & AIDAcara
An early start on the 6th September 2009.  AIDAcara was due for 8.30am, although the arrival times had been 6.30am and 6.45am!  I'd already seen this pretty little ship in Copenhagen back in July but it's always nice when they're on your doorstep.  We got down there just after 7am and it was cloudy, cool but pleasant.  Black Watch was docked in City while Arcadia, down for 6.30am, was still having her ropes secured.
At 7.20am we spotted something around Fawley but it was difficult to tell what it was, partially obscured by tankers.  Thankfully it was moving so we guessed it was the AIDA.  There were a couple of people about too, but apart from one definitely looking down river for the ship, they were just there to relax.
Since the first ropes had been thrown for her to dock some twenty minutes early, we deicided to call it a morning and walk home since there were no buses for a further ridiculous ninety minutes.  We decided not to go down for the sailings of Black Watch and Arcadia, since the AIDA was the important one that day.  She was originally due to sail for Hamburg at 7pm but it was pushed back an hour and then to 9.30pm.  To see photos of AIDAcara in Copenhagen, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 9th September 2009
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