Summit & Ventura
The third Celebrity ship in a year, Summit, arrived after a cruise to Southampton on the 10th April 2008.  Looking at her from Hythe pier reminded me of Millennium and Constellation the previous year and made me wish they would base one here permanently.  P&O's new Grand class Princess vessel, Ventura, was in port awaiting to sail on a pre-maiden voyage paying cruise the next day.
It was a glorious day and hard to believe just four days earlier it was snowing.  At City Terminal they were creating another lane, according to the bloke in Avis, and would be opening Dock Gate 8.  I thought they opened it last year for Constellation.  It will be good when it's opened properly.  Less traffic at Dock Gate 10.  Summit was due to sail at 10.30am so I took some photos then headed back to Town Quay.
We arrived at Town Quay after 10.30 and were relieved there was still no movement from Summit.  There were a few others waiting for her to sail too including a vicar.
Finally, sixteen minutes late, the last of her ropes went and she began to slowly move away from the dock, giving three long blasts as she did so.  Even Millennium and Constellation didn't do that so we were delighted.
Summit is due to return on the 29th when she will then do a repositioning to Barcelona for the summer, which Millennium did last year.  If they bring Infinity over to us then we'll have had the set!  To see photos of her as Celebrity Summit after the refit, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th April 2008
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