Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth 2, Boudicca & Oriana (II)
On the 6th January 2008 was the first stalking of the year.  Unfortunately I was coming back on Aurora after the New Year cruise and dreadful weather and was due to dock the next day so it was left to my dad to go down for the four ships in.  QE2 was in her usual berth with unusually Boudicca docked behind.  Queen Victoria, who was in City Terminal, had arrived at 3am after contracting norovirus on her second cruise and already people were saying she's cursed!  Oriana had suffered problems in the Caribbean, losing power for an hour outside Antigua then going through the same force 11 Aurora did but came through unscathed.  She docked late in the morning so her departure time had been changed from 7pm to 10pm.
The marina got very crowded, fireworks always being a big draw for the locals and we do have a lot of them throughout the year!  According to a woman my dad spoke to, the Cunard site had said Queen Victoria, who would be doing her maiden world cruise in tandem to New York with the QE2 who was doing her last, would come out of her berth and be alongside Lizzie for the fireworks.  While the VTS notice to mariners stated the fireworks would be at 5.40pm, the ship didn't move.
Unfortunately, due to the record button on the camcorder needing to be constantly pressed, those were all the photos my dad managed to get.  Queen Victoria moved out, passing Lizzie and they blasted to each other.  My dad reckoned they were having a 'Who's Got The Best Horn?' competition and Lizzie won.  Lizzie then moved out.  As Boudicca moved it began to rain.  He went home after that.  But that wasn't the last of the quartet.  To see photos of them as they passed Aurora, click here.

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