Queen Elizabeth 2 & Saga Rose
A big day on the 25th June 2008.  After an almost fifteen month wait it since booking, it was time to go on the QE2 again!  She was due to arrive for 7am while Saga Rose's arrival got later and later when she should have been in first so now it was 9am.  Despite us all having a view of the water from the Holiday Inn, Rowan and I were on the sixth floor so had a better one and I saw Lizzie coming around Calshot and Fawley.
I called Amy's room to tell her Lizzie was on the way then we waited for her to knock.  Jason stayed in bed as we headed for Town Quay only to find she was around the dock already!  She was half an hour early!  The weather wasn't too bad and we hoped it would stay that way for the rest of the day.
We went back to the hotel for breakfast then Rowan and I enjoyed the beautiful view from our room as we waited to go back out for Rosie's arrival.
How the weather changed!  Cold, windy, few spots of rain.  Lovely - not!  But Rosie was worth it and looks so tiny compared to her one-time fleetmate.  This would probably be the only time Rowan would see Rosie and she liked her a little.
A Red Jet was hovering to take over from another and there was a good chance it would be in the way.  As Rosie got closer, we were willing the hydrofoil to shift itself but it was moving at a snail's pace.
As we were on the ship it was left to my dad to get us departing.  Both ships were due to sail at 5pm.  It was a bit windy.  Rosie had  Bentley attached.  Lizzie unusually had two on her bow, something called Dolphin at the stern along with the Fawley Tug Phenix.  They were a tug down as Lady Madeleine was in Hull and the other two were busy elsewhere.  We didn't know at that point why Lady M had been taken from us but we learnt on our return it was to have her name changed to Svitzer Madeleine which is just horrible!  How could they???
Just before 5.10pm Lizzie was slowly pulled out and gave three long blasts.  She developed a starboard list again from the towage which remained as she sailed towards the Solent.
While Phenix followed Lizzie down to return to Fawley, one of the Switzers headed for Rosie as this time she needed two.
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