Queen Elizabeth 2 & Oceana (II)
After passing her off the Needles on the 6th January then waving her off with Amy in Los Angeles on the 30th March, I was up at the crack of dawn to welcome Lizzie home where she belonged!  She was due to dock for 7am and starboard, as they would be moving her to 105 in Western Docks once Ventura sailed.  The weather wasn't the greatest as rain was forecast too.  Oceana was due to dock at 8am in 101.  I was getting a little deja vu as when these two had been together after Lizzie came back from a world cruise in April 2006 the weather was this bad too.  I was so thrilled to see my girl safely home I forgot it was the last ever time she'd sail up the water after three months away.
As I was sailing on Oceana it was up to my dad to get the photos.  There are none whatsoever of Ventura because the weather was too misty to get any from the marina so this is just an Oceana and Lizzie review.  It was the day of Ventura's maiden voyage only the departure was delayed until 8.15pm so we left, passing the gorgeous Lizzie on the way out.  I couldn't believe this was not only the second consecutive cruise I would sail past her, but also have her in when I returned.  Talk about excellent luck!  Alas my dad, who had never used my old camera before, altered the contrast by accident and didn't think to switch it off then on again so the first lot of pictures are odder than usual.  Lizzie blasted to us and we blasted back.
He didn't go back for Ventura and I don't blame him.  The weather was unpleasant enough as it was.  If they hadn't had fireworks planned off Gosport, moved to Southampton because of the weather, she'd have gone on time and not cocked everything else up.  To see photos of the QE2 on our return, click here.  To read my Oceana cruise review click here.

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