Queen Elizabeth 2
After the best cruise EVER, it was time to wave Lizzie off as she took the next lot of passengers on their own voyage.  I had gone home rather than check into the Holiday Inn with Rowan, Amy and Jason as my feet were hurting like hell and I had a heavy cold from the Norwegian weather and Lizzie's shot air conditioning.  However, we had all planned to see her sail, especially as it was the last time Rowan would ever see her, only it had changed slightly.  Instead of Town Quay and back to get her sailing, I was pier to TQ where they got on.  It was still Hotspur IV instead of Great Expectations - yay!!!!!  It had been cold and raining LOTS so I wrapped up warm only Lizzie decided to change the weather to lovely and hot.  No end of her talents.
The ferry pulled up just before 5pm and here they all came, including Howard and his wife Patty.  I'd met Howard on the Geiranger excursion as we were both after shots of the gorgeous ship.  He had been thinking of going to Cowes for sailaway then I suggested this.  It was nice to meet Patty at last as well.
She was late so messed up the plans!  We had to get off again at the pier anyway but the returning ferry had passed by the time she finally moved.  We all went onto the pier to wait and she gave three long and very beautiful blasts after pulling out.  We hadn't realised at the time but Lady Madeleine was in the kennel!  She had returned at 2pm and had been an hour and a half behind us at Dover.  We should have slowed, attached her to her rightful place on the stern and walked her back!  Of course she now has her new and horrible name of Svitzer Madeleine.
We went home.  Howard and Patty returned on the ferry while Rowan, Amy and Jason rode the train in search of food but everywhere was uncooperative so they went back.  A good farewell to Lizzie from Rowan.  I hope the weather's as good, if not as hot, when it's my turn in November.  To read my review of the cruise, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd July 2008
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