Queen Elizabeth 2, Aurora, Oceana (II) & Boudicca
On the 20th April 2008 I was aboard Oceana coming back from the weekender to Zeebrugge.  We had already gone out two days earlier, passing the gorgeous QE2 who had returned that day.  But coming back with her was an unexpected bonus.  We'd expected her to go off to refit around noon on the 18th but instead Carnival decided to add a new cruise resulting in the length being halved.  I wondered on my blog back in August if she would stay and in March they finally announced she was and would meet her sisters.  So this would be my second cruise in a row where I arrived back to a docked Lizzie!  The weather was as foul as it had been when we left.  Aurora arrived at 6.30am.  Boudicca was meant to be there for 7am but was delayed until noon.  We were due at 8am but were docked by 7.45am.  As we neared City Terminal my two favourite girls appeared clearer in the mist.
As we waited to disembark, we went for more pictures since the sun had come out burning off the mist, and found her funnel being painted!  Now what are they doing on the deck and I hope her waterline is becoming pristine!
Once we left the terminal we decided to try and get closer to Lizzie to check out what they were doing for the refit.  We drove to Mayflower Terminal but they were directing cars for parking so quickly left before they told us to get lost.
We went back the way we came, pulling into the side to take photos.  It was going to be as close as we could get though a shame we could no longer see Aurora.  Two out of three beauties weren't bad.
Next we went to Mayflower Park.  There were a few people out at that hour of the morning taking photos.  Some people had just got off Aurora while another couple I spoke to were going on Oceana.
After I'd got home, Boudicca finally made an appearance to join the party.  Such a shame she couldn't have been late enough to arrive while we were still at the docks.
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© Patricia Dempsey 20th April 2008
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