Oceana (II), Queen Elizabeth 2 & Boudicca
The QE2 and Oceana were due to be in with us on the 15th June 2008 as we arrived back on Boudicca.  But which would be first?  The Fred. Olsen site said we were 7.30am which would mean we'd pass Lizzie.  The alarm was set for 5am and despite the cold, the weather was really nice.  I had a text from my dad waiting saying Lizzie was in front - yay!  I stepped onto the balcony and easily saw Oceana approaching Fawley.  Lizzie on the other hand was teasing me.  The lifeboats were blocking the view and occasionally there would be a brief tantalising peek of her sleek hull and red funnel.  As we passed Cowes and she sailed past Calshot beach, she came into proper view and looked glorious.
This is what Amy and I could have done with in Los Angeles but hadn't been so lucky.  At least by the time we neared her then it was getting light.  She was so beautiful with the sun glistening off her hull.  I kept thinking how on the 2nd July that would be Rowan, Amy, Jason and myself after our cruise except we would be arriving solo so no one behind gazing adoringly upon her.  There were a few people on deck but they mainly wandered around while Pam and I froze in the strong, biting wind for Lizzie shots.
The tug Svitzer Sussex attached to Lizzie's bow while Bentley and our favourite Lady Madeleine went to the stern.  They looked like little puppies pestering their mother.
We went home.  Howard and Patty returned on the ferry while Rowan, Amy and Jason rode the train in search of food but everywhere was uncooperative so they went back.  A good farewell to Lizzie from Rowan.  I hope the weather's as good, if not as hot, when it's my turn in November.  To read my review of the cruise, click here.
After disembarking we headed to Mayflower Park for photos of Boudicca and Oceana.  Lizzie was a little harder to see with all the stuff in the way like Red Funnel ferries and the derelict Royal Pier.
To see photos of the QE2 sailing on that particular cruise on the 2nd June after the visit by Her Majesty the Queen, click here.  To read about the Boudicca cruise, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 15th June 2008
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