Grand Princess, Braemar (III) & Norwegian Jade
On the 13th July 2008 Fred Olsen's now 24,000grt Braemar was due to undertake her first post-stretch cruise and Pam was on it.  She had changed terminals from City after being on Norwegian Jade for the weekend with me to QEII.  Grand Princess made up the numbers in Mayflower and all three were annoyingly starboard.
Originally Jade was due to leave at 4pm with the other two an hour later but for some reason Jade was changed to 5.30pm, meaning she'd be last. We heard them do muster on Braemar and as it went on, Lady Madeleine came out of the kennel to attach to her stern.  Okay so she's got her new stupid name of Svitzer Madeleine but my fellow Medway girl will always be Lady Madeleine.  It had drizzled a little as we waited and the marina built up but then stopped.  Grand left on time, gave a blast and moved up to the turning circle.
Muster overran and by the time it ended Braemar was moving as the adorable Lady M did her stuff.  Braemar gave three blasts as, like Boudicca and Oceana a month before, reversed into the Itchen - YES!!!!!  Now I know how we looked on Bouddy!
Grand Princess blasted again after emerging.  Meanwhile despite Lady Madeleine letting go of the rope, she escorted Braemar towards the Solent.
An old bloke behind made us laugh when he said to the woman with him how Grand Princess was as big as Independence of the Seas!  Once Grand was safely out the way, Jade began to move.
Once Grand went we decided not to wait for Jade as it would be another half hour or so before she reached us.  The bloke who had thought Grand was as big as Indy said, "There's another one to come yet".  We said we know but it'll be a while before she's here.  He had no idea so another fairweather.  I got her as she passed the house anyway.
A shame Jade's time had been changed.  It would have been nice seeing her pass Braemar as she had on Friday and that morning.  To read the review of my Norwegian Jade cruise, containing more photos of Grand Princess, Braemar and Jade as we arrived, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 13th July 2008
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