Eurodam, Oceana (II), Independence of the Seas & Sea Princess (II)
On the 27th June 2008, Holland America's new Signature Class vessel Eurodam arrived from the shipyard for 7am in Southampton for an overnight stay ahead of her Rotterdam dedication by Queen Beatrix on the 1st July.  She docked in 104.  This 87,000grt ship is another Vista derivative and a sister of both the HALs, P&O's Arcadia and also Cunard's Queen Victoria.  At 4pm on the 28th she was due to depart to her home port.  Also in were Sea Princess in 106, Independence of the Seas in 101 and Oceana in 38/9.  Originally those three were listed to sail at 5pm but they brought Oceana and Indy forward.  I was on the QE2 so it was left to my dad to do his best during his latest solo marina duty.  I wished I could have been there as it was a new ship of sorts but I had my own stalking in Bergen so wasn't exactly bored.
Eurodam cast off just before 4pm and moved towards the Upper Swinging Ground so she could turn, passing Sea Princess as she did so.  Both were annoyingly silent.
Once turned, Eurodam emerged and yet again, the Carnival brands were mute towards each other.  What the hell is wrong with them?  They had various passengers onboard and various crowds along the shore to entertain.  Selfish bridge crew!  You don't expect it with rival lines unless the captain's a nice chap.
At 4.46pm Oceana blasted to save the day - yay!  We love her!  Did she get a response?  Nope.  She did a couple of shorties only to me met with the same silence.  How rude!  Doesn't the captain realise they're the same company?  There's one of them in P&O so they ought to get manners.  Never darken these shores again until you learn to blast back!
Then it was our heroine's turn to depart.  She needs an award for being the best of the lot that day.  Even her Sun class Princess sister let the side down.  Time to start an Oceana fan club!
Meanwhile down the other end, Indy moved away from the dock followed shortly afterwards by Sea Princess and they followed the others out.
So that was that and at least the weather stayed nice.  It would be nice to see more HALs but not if they're all as rude as that crew and don't blast to their fellow cruise lines.

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© Kevin Dempsey 28th June & Patricia Dempsey 5th July 2008
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