Celebrity Summit
A 'will we/won't we' afternoon on the 29th April 2008.  Summit had arrived back in Southampton from refit in Hamburg bearing her new name of Celebrity Summit, docking for 4.15am which was a little too early to see her.  We'd hoped for around 10am as Milliennium had been a year before.  She was due to sail to Barcelona for a summer of cruises at 5pm then for some reason it was put back an hour.  The weather was foul.  Rain and strong gusts.  So we got to the bus stop then changed our minds just before the bus came.  But by 5.30pm the weather eased so we decided to go after all to get the ship's debut sailing with her current moniker as they hadn't added Celebrity to Millennium during her refit.  They did with Constellation a few weeks later but she returned to Dover so we didn't see it.  The buses had now reverted to one an hour which was no help so we ordered a taxi.  When we arrived at the marina it was spitting a bit and the wind was a bit strong behind us.  It was completely empty apart from us and the odd walker and car.  No one on the front anyway unless they were the other side of the lock.  Her ropes were off by 6pm and she slowly moved away from City Terminal.  Disappointingly she didn't blast.
How we loved this ship!  Not only had the rain stopped and wind eased, but we suddenly became quite hot when the sun came out through a break in the cloud.  How different it was on the ferries and us to where Summit was, but not for long.
So that was our last Celebrity ship until October when Celebrity Solstice may call en route to America.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I wish they'd base one here permanently.  On their website it has us as a home port but we're not really with the occasional ship.  To see photos of her as she sailed to refit, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 29th April 2008
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