Artemis, Sea Princess (II), Oriana (II) & Braemar (III)
Fred Olsen's 19,089grt Braemar returned to Southampton after her final cruise at that size on the 10th May 2008.  Throughout the day, after moving her from 101 to 102 between 9.30-10am, they were loading and unloading ready for her to sail to Hamburg.  Her departure was originally down as 11.59pm then 9pm and finally 8.30am on the 11th.  Her first post-stretch cruise was due to be the 5th July but it was cancelled after problems lengthening Balmoral meaning it's now the 13th July.  Also in were Sea Princess in QEII with Artemis in 105 and Oriana in 106, thus sharing the honours at Mayflower.
Sea Princess, Artemis and Oriana were all due to sail at 5pm.  Artemis, for some reason, was starboard meaning she would have to turn first.  Braemar wasn't leaving until the next morning when she would head for Hamburg to be lengthened. Since I was onboard Artemis, it was left to my dad to get photos.
Artemis was the first to move and a few minutes early.  She and Oriana blasted to each other.  Meanwhile Sea Princess also threw her lines and began to sail.
As Artemis was turning, Oriana threw her own ropes and slipped out, blasting once as she did so.  Artemis followed her fleet mate down towards the Solent with both ships ignoring Braemar.
And so off they sailed, stalking each other around the Isle of Wight until Artemis went the opposite way at Nab.  To read the review of my Artemis cruise and see more pictures of the sailing, click here.  For photos of Braemar post-stretch, click here.

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© Kevin Dempsey & Patricia Dempsey 10th & 13th May 2008
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