Oriana (II) & Silver Shadow
Despite the temperature being around 20 degrees on the 7th June 2007 and being cloudy it was also freezing cold and windy.  Looks can be deceptive!  Oriana was docked on 106 and Silver Shadow in 101.  Silver Shadow did look tiny after the giant Navigator of the Seas but at least was pointing the right way.  The 25,000grt Silver Shadow entered service in 2000 for Silversea Cruises and we occasionally get one of their ships visiting Southampton.  I had already seen the ship three days earlier on Monday as we left Cobh on Navigator of the Seas and she was heading for it so it was nice to get her closer.
Oriana was due to leave at 5pm with Silver Shadow an hour later.  Oriana blasted once as she started to move out, followed by many more twice later.

Silver Shadow had to wait for a Maersk container ship to pass before casting off just after 6.05pm but disappointingly didn't blast.

The Isle of Wight and Hythe ferries had to follow the Maersk and it looked like the Red Funnel was taking Great Expectations for a walk.
So that was that and nice to see a different ship in Southampton and I hope she makes a return visit one day.  For photos of Silver Shadow heading towards Cobh on the 4th June click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 7th June 2007
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