Ocean Village Two, Liberty of the Seas, Oriana (II) & Queen Mary 2
On the 24th April 2007 me and my dad decided to go over on the ferry as there were four ships in, unlike when Freedom of the Seas was in last year and it was just her.  QM2 was in her usual berth, Liberty of the Seas in 101, Oriana in 106 and Ocean Village Two was being named that morning in 46 before returning to 106 after Oriana left.  It was also too good an opportunity to miss having two of the largest cruise ships in the world in port on the same day.  Unfortunately it was very misty which made it hard to see Liberty and Oriana from the pier.
Once we got off the ferry at Town Quay, we headed over to Mayflower Park.  It's a shame Liberty, like Freedom before her, was docked starboard.
The now extended City Cruise Terminal, which you can make out still says Windward Terminal on the end under ABP.
Two new gangways which need attaching to the building.  Why they haven't, I have no idea.  But these ships are high so the old dockside gangway needs replacing fast!
The guests for the naming of Ocean Village Two by Jodie and Jemima Kidd filled the decks when there'd been just a few people lurking when we went over.
We went home until the afternoon when we headed to the marina.  Oriana and QM2 were both listed to sail at 5pm.  Ocean Village Two would then be moving from 46 to 106 between 6-7pm.  Lastly there would be 9pm fireworks followed by Liberty of the Seas departing at 9.30pm for a two night shakedown jaunt to Guernsey.  As usual with ships, nothing goes to plan but at least the mist cleared up!!
5pm came and went with no movement.  Finally around 5.20pm Oriana edged away from the berth and headed down Southampton Water.
As Oriana approached Liberty of the Seas, Liberty blasted on her horn.  The usual noisy Oriana stayed annoyingly silent!
As Oriana neared Ocean Village Two then she blasted on her horn along with Ocean Village Two.  The same happened when Oriana passed QM2 before sailing away, leaving a drop in temperature and mist in her wake.
By the time 6pm arrived there was still no sign of movement from QM2 and it was freezing cold.  Fifteen minutes later Ocean Village Two slipped her moorings and moved away from 46.
Here we went again.  Ocean Village Two just loves the horn!  Passing Liberty she blasted but was ignored.  When she was almost passed, Liberty replied and Ocean Village Two got blast mania again.
At this point we'd had enough.  It was 6.35pm and we were frozen.  Just as I was packing everything away, QM2's ropes were cast off so we had to stay!
And then there were two, as we went back at 8pm after going home for an hour.  The fireworks for Liberty of the Seas began late at around 9.05pm.  It wasn't as crowded down the marina as when Freedom of the Seas did the same last year.
Unlike Freedom, once the fireworks ended there was silence from Liberty.  She gradually began to move and blasted only as she was passing Town Quay.
Home by midnight and bed for me because I had to get up for my cruise on Constellation the following morning.  For photos of Liberty's arrival click here, departure here or for Ocean Village Two's maiden voyage, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 24th April & 2nd May 2007
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