Queen Elizabeth 2 Silver Jubilee World Cruise Fireworks
On the 2nd January 2007, QE2 returned from her Christmas & New Year cruise to prepare for her annual world cruise.  It had been announced in the local paper there would be fireworks at 4.45pm to celebrate it being her 25th full world cruise as opposed to half-world, lasting ten minutes before she sailed at 5pm.  The marina was quite packed as the time approached but I don't think the hundreds along the water they'd anticipated turned up.
4.45pm came and went.  The Hythe ferry even stayed at the pontoon several minutes before moving away.  At around 4.55pm, Lizzie gave one blast and the fireworks started.
After five minutes it was all over.  Listed to last ten minutes, the end was quite abrupt with no grand finale.  We did wonder if they had cut it short as it was running late.  Then it was time to wait for the departure at 5pm.  25 minutes later my dad phoned VTS to be told she was now going at 7pm.  We told those who remained before heading home.  She eventually cast off at 7.15pm and gave three loud blasts on her whistle.  For photos of her arriving in Fort Lauderdale to meet QM2 click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd January 2007
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