Ocean Village Two Maiden Voyage & Constellation
There were meant to be three ships in on the 25th April 2007 only Saga Ruby's arrival time was changed to 4am the next day due to leaving New York late because of bad weather.  So that left Ocean Village Two in 106 and Constellation in 101.  The 91,000grt Constelltion had a change of itinerary before heading to refit and then resuming her usual Dover summer cruising.  As I was on board Constellation for the new 5 night UK & Ireland cruise, it was left to my dad to take photos.  Both were listed to sail at 5pm but Constellation was changed to 6pm.
As expected with it being the maiden voyage, Ocean Village Two left first to a fire tug and firework salute at around 5.20pm.
And so Ocean Village Two continued on her way to the Med after getting no response to all her blasting from Constellation and boy did she try!
Because all the deck clocks on Constellation are five minutes fast, she set sail at 5.55pm and blasted.  Yes she can actually do it!
For photos of Ocean Village Two's arrival the week before click here or here to see Constellation sail five days later for refit.  My Constellation cruise review can be found here.

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