Queen Mary 2, Navigator of the Seas & Sea Princess (II)
This wasn't on my stalking list as I'd got these three buggers already, plus Navigator passing QM2.  However two things got me down the marina on the 22nd September 2007.  First of all, I had arranged to meet up with Robert Dew from the CunardShipQM2 Yahoo group who was over on business from the States.  He hadn't realised Mary was in today.  The other was Mary was starboard while Navigator was port so there was a chance I could get Navigator passing on video after last month's disappointment.  Sea Princess as usual was in Mayflower.  Navigator was yet again listed to sail at 4.45pm with the other two fifteen minutes later.  Mary did lifeboat drill at four on the dot.  Navigator, however, didn't until around 4.25pm so we knew she wasn't going when they said she would.
Mary threw half her ropes with more than five minutes to go, the rest coming off on the hour.  She blasted three times as she moved away from the dock slowly.  Meanwhile Navigator had also thrown her ropes and was coming out even slower.  Sea Princess stayed put.
About now Mary blasted another three times which, although expected as she does if she needs to turn, not quite this soon.  Usually it's after she's straightened and heading out.
As Mary gave a final three blasts, Navigator was also blasting off.  It was like a competition to see who had the loudest and longest.  Around 5:15pm, Sea Princess cast off and moved out when it was safe to do so.
Once Mary had turned and headed towards us, we noticed a bit of a new paint job on her bow which looked more like someone had put black duct tape over her.  It just looked so out of place and perhaps reason she was starboard this day as it had never happened any other times.
As Sea Princess neared Mayflower Park there was just no shutting her up.  Everytime we thought she'd stopped blasting, off she'd go again as if saying, "Hey!  Don't forget about me!  I know I'm not as big as those two but I'm still pretty!"
It was a nice bonus even though there was a distinct lack of passing.  The weather stayed nice which made a change and it had been a good day.  For photos of these ships together three months before, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 22nd September 2007
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