Oriana (II), Aurora & Navigator of the Seas
Well here we go again.  Another week, more ship combinations!  On the 8th September 2007 it was the turn of Oriana and Aurora to be in with Navigator of the Seas.  Oriana was in QEII, Navigator in City as always and Aurora in Mayflower.  Two ships I have cruised on and loved.  My adoration of Aurora has grown since my cruise so I will have to see what being on Oriana leads to next month.
Navigator was down to sail at 4.45pm with the other two at 5pm.  However things rarely go to plan, especially this year!  As soon as we heard Navigator doing lifeboat drill at 4.30pm, we knew there was no way she would go fifteen minutes later.  So what was going to happen?  Oriana would stuff up big time that's what!  With seven minutes until the hour she was completely free of her shackles and after staying still for a while, began moving out around five and blasted.  A UECC car carrier was passing Aurora so we knew those two weren't going anywhere for a while.  But then we noticed a crane working and she eased back towards the dock where they tied her up quickly again.  Meanwhile once safely past Navigator, the UECC slowed as it waited for Oriana to do whatever.  Finally at 5.10pm she was cast off again and on the move, blasting one more time.  Put her registry back to London!  She wasn't such a pain when it was!
And so off she went on her latest cruise.  There was still no movement from Navigator but Aurora was coming away from the dock.  No idea of she blasted as the wind was very strong so, as it's so quiet from that distance anyway, we would never have heard it.
Once another car carrier had gone, Navigator finally started moving at 5.35pm - at last!  Docked the right way and still goes late for 5pm sailings.  Disappointingly no blasting.  But there were some people waving a Welsh flag from the marina.  I hope their friends/relatives had better luck than I do because I can't even see my dad sailing by and he's hard to miss!
It was noted by a couple of elderly ladies as we headed for home how now the ships had left so was everyone else.  Of course!  No point staying in that chilly wind otherwise.  But even with bad weather, sometimes it's just worth it for the ships alone and nothing else.

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© Patricia Dempsey 8th September 2007
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