Aurora, Arcadia (IV) & Grand Princess
Another busy day in Southampton on the 2nd September 2007.  Grand Princess was making her final sailing of the season from QEII Terminal before heading back to America.  She has been difficult all year so would she be again?  Aurora was in City with Arcadia in Mayflower and all of them were down to leave at 5pm.  Who would go first?
As I was onboard Aurora exploring, doing lifeboat drill and waiting to depart it was up to my dad to get pictures.  The weather had started off excellent and so hot but by the time 5pm came around it had become dark and gloomy.  Aurora cast off first and blasted.  But then so did Arcadia!  Arcadia followed Aurora out while no movement from Grand Princess.
As Aurora neared Grand Princess they blasted to each other several times.  The same thing happened once Arcadia reached that point a few minutes later.  There had been a rumour down the marina about Grand Princess being late due to illegal immigrants but we have no idea if that's true and nothing was reported in the paper.
With Aurora and Arcadia safely out the way, Grand Princess finally pulled out, blasted and followed them out into the Solent.
Goodbye Grand Princess until 2008.  Hope you're more cooperative then.  Here is the review of my Aurora cruise including photos of Arcadia and Grand Princess behind us.

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© Kevin Dempsey 2nd September & Patricia Dempsey 7th September 2007
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